cornerclub is a collaboration over the internet between 9 introverted producers, artists, songwriters, singers, and mastering engineers located all over the world - from the US and Canada to Europe and India. Their debut mix/album, “Dance Music for Introverts, Vol 1.” explores the question: what would dance music sound like if it was made by and for introverts?
What is Dance Music for Introverts?
A 7 track compilation produced by cornerclub. Volume 1 is the first compilation released. “Dance Music for Introverts, Vol 1.” explores the question, what would dance music sound like if it was made by and for introverts?

What is cornerclub?
A collective of self-identified introverts who met each other online and are making dance music together.
What comes with the music NFT?
The first 40 collectors to register their Dance Music for Introverts Vol. 1 NFT  will receive a free vinyl of the individual tracks featured on the NFT mix. The free vinyl gift will only be activated once a threshold of 40 NFTs have been sold. Claim your vinyl here. 

All collectors will receive a 320kpbs mp3 version of the mix and all individual songs. Download audio here.
When is the release date?
October 28th, 2022 -  Sound.xyz
TBD -  On all streaming platforms
Who are the artists on this release?
Conor Dalton - Mastering Engineer
Conor Dalton is a Berlin based mastering engineer, (credits include Daft Punk, Jeff Mills, Amelie Lens, Kobosil, Maceo Plex, Moderat) as well as tutor at Berklee School of Music, and musician in the band “Island People” (Raster)
Deadwalker - Producer
Anglo-Persian producer based in Italy. Into beats and cyberculture

Dontmesswithjuan - Producer, Vocalist
Dontmesswithjuan is a living ecosystem orchestrated by a girl who likes to stay in the shadows. From Montreal, she is unfolding into her own genre called Surrealist Electronica, where her philosophical questions, haunting voice, dark textures, sound design, glitchy foley elements, and surrealist videos collide to create a cinematic world outside of human reality. 

Green Ring - Producer
Green Ring is a producer based in New Hampshire making emotional and melodic house music. “My goal with every piece of music is to take you somewhere new. I want your mind to drift off from the day to day when you listen."

Oceantied - Producer
Oceantied’s music project is all about exploring the possibility of sound - from fast paced club music to chill, zoned out beats. Oceantied has been active in the music scene since 2014 touring as a DJ across clubs and festivals around the world.

MK Cornett - Visual Artist
MK is a creature in search of humor, humanity, and beauty. with her gifts, she is a graphic designer, illustrator, & problem solver.

Mark Redito - Producer
Mark is an artist, technologist and community designer. He is based in Los Angeles.

Pozibelle - Producer, DJ
Pozibelle is a NY based Music Producer & DJ who has been exploring sonic waves since a young age, with a background as a contemporary dancer. Blending the lines between genres, expect her productions and live sets to seamlessly hop from house to jungle to hip hop and everything in between.

Rosalie - Songwriter, Vocalist
Rosalie is a deep pop singer, songwriter, artist, and producer based in Los Angeles. Her music combines pop sensibilities with the vulnerability of singer-songwriter lyrics, the sonic experimentation of electronic music, and the songwriting craft of Nashville.

Three Oscillators - Producer
Formed in 2015, Three Oscillators is a solo project by music producer Brij Dalvi. The sound of Three Oscillators falls under the realm of glitch, sci-fi influences and the future, seamlessly mixing genres with otherworldly sampling and dreamy sounds.
A collective of introverts producing dance music